Qatar’s Presidency of the 111th International Labor Conference a Success for All Arab Countries

Dr. Nasri Abu Jaish, the Palestinian Minister of Labor, affirmed that the Palestinian government supports the State of Qatar in all labor measures and legislation it has enacted, highlighting Qatar’s presidency of the 111th session of the International Labor Conference as a success for all Arab countries.

In exclusive statements to the Qatar News Agency “QNA,” he revealed future arrangements between the Palestinian and Qatari sides to provide the Qatari labor market with Palestinian workers and expertise, including engineers, doctors, and specialists in various fields. He also noted the Qatari side’s welcome of continued cooperation regarding this initiative.

He called on Arab countries to confront the challenges facing the Arab labor market, emphasizing the need to activate the principle of social justice that contributes to achieving progress and success.

Dr. Nasri Abu Jaish, the Palestinian Minister of Labor, explained that despite the high unemployment rates in some Arab countries, the Arab labor market is promising and capable of facing challenges if necessary measures are taken. He emphasized the importance of keeping up with the requirements of the labor market and moving towards training programs, vocational education, and qualifying competent individuals to work within new systems


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