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Handbook products are carefully designed to integrate HR best practices, reflect your business environment, and ensure that documented company policies and guidelines are aligned with employment laws. Done correctly, an employee handbook is a foundational component of your business—providing value to both the employer and employee, including:

(1) A useful guide to reinforce uniform application of company policies

(2) Legal evidence that your company’s policies are consistent with and encourage adherence to employment laws

(3) An introduction for new employees to the policies, procedures, and culture of your company

(4) A helpful tool for employees and supervisors to understand and consistently adhere to organizational practices.


Employment in today’s fast-paced business landscape can be challenging. Whether you are concerned about attracting and retaining top talent, complying with ever-changing employment law, or just want to ensure your business is running at peak efficiency, getting a clear picture of where you are at and uncovering areas that need improvement is essential to maintaining competitive advantage. Audits have been tailored to address the specific aspects of your HR program.

  1. Employee files
  2.  Review of I9 documentation and compliance
  3. Review of the company employment application
  4. Compensation compliance including job descriptions and FLSA
  5.  Required posters
  6. Handbook structure
  7. HR data security
  8. Recruiting processes
  9. Compensation system
  10. Affirmative action process
  11. Workforce management including succession planning, manpower planning and employee development

HR Programs/ Plans

  1. HR Dashboards
  2. Job Descriptions
  3. Performance Appraisals
  4. Training Materials
  5. Career Development Management
  6. Assessment Tools
  7. Induction Tools
  8. Interview Exit
  9. Employment Documentations
  10. Rewarding Plans
  11. Employee Engagement Plan
  12. Employees Grievance Procedures
  13. Meeting Plans

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