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December 4, 2023

HM The Sultan Issues 2 Royal Decrees


(ONA) — His Majesty Sultan Haitham bin Tarik today issued 2 Royal decrees.

Royal Decree No. (75/2023) appointing members at the State Council.

Article (1) appoints the following names as members at the State Council.

1- Ahmed Saif Musallam Al Rawahi.

2- Eng. Ahmed Saleh Ali Al Jahdhami.

3- Is’haq Yaaqoub Ahmed Al Sawafi.

4- Dr. Bukhait Salim Bukhait Bait Fadhil.

5- Dr. Juma Khalifa Mansoor Al Busaidi.

6- Dr. Hussain Sulaiman Mohammed Al Salmi.

7- Hamad Khamis Abdullah Al Amri.

8- Dr. Hamad Salim Rashid Al Rawahi.

9- Hamad Nasser Abdullah Al Nabhani.

10 – Dr. Hamad Hilal Hamoud Al Yahmadi.

11 -Sheikh Hamad Hilal Ali Al Maamari.

12 -Dr. Hamoud Darwish Salim Al Hassani.

13 -Dr. Hamoudah Mohammed Khalfan Al Harsoosi.

14 -Dr. Hanifa Ahmed Ali Al Qasmi.

15 -Dr. Khalaf Salim Abdullah Al Is’haqi.

16 -Dr. Khamis Saud Said Al Toobi.

17 -Eng. Khamis Mohammed Muhanna Al Saadi.

18 -Dr. Rashid Salim Hamad Al Masroori.

19 -Dr. Rashid Saif Musabah Al Meherzi.

20 -Dr. Rashid Mohammed Juma Al Ghailani.

21 -Sayyeda Rawan Ahmed Thabit Al Busaidi.

22 -Dr. Rouhiyah Rashid Mohammed Al Khayfi.

23 -Sayyid Zaki Hilal Saud Al Busaidi.

24 -Dr. Zuwaina Saleh Issa Al Maskari.

25 -Dr. Salim Sultan Salim Al Ruzaiqi.

26 -Dr. Salim Salayum Saleh Al Junaibi.

27 -Salim Musallam Ali Qatan.

28 -Sareyah Khalfan Amer Al Hadi.

29 -Dr. Suaad Mubarak Said Al Fouri.

30 -Sheikh Sultan Mohammed Salim Al Mad’hani.

31 -Sheikh Sultan Mohammed Sultan Al Mahrouqi.

32 -Sheikh Sultan Mattar Salim Al Azizi.

33 -Dr. Saleem Salim Khalfan Al Rushaidi.

34 -Dr. Sanaa Sabil Sulaiman Al Balushi.

35 -Sanaa Abdulrahman Issa Al Khanjari.

36 -Eng. Saif Hamad Saif Al Salmani.

37 -Sheikh Dr. Saif Muhanna Saif Al Hinai.

38 -Dr. Shamsa Masoud Nasser Al Shaibani.

39 -Dr. Saleh Mohammed Saif Al Fahdi.

40 -Dr. Sabah Mohammed Amer Al Maawali.

41 -Sheikh Dr. Talib Hilal Sultan Al Hosani.

42 -Dr. Dhafir Awadh Badr Mur’ee Al Shanfari.

43 -Dr. Aisha Hamad Sa’ayed Al Darmaki.

44 -Dr. Aisha Said Mohammed Al Ghabshi.

45 -Sayyid Adil Al Murdas Ahmed Al Busaidi.

46 -Dr. Amer Nasser Amer Al Mataeni.

47 -Abbas Ali Mahmoud Al Humaid.

48 -Dr. Abdulkarim Ali Jawad Al Lawati.

49-Dr. Abdullah Hamad Marzouq Al Badi.

50-Dr. Abdullah Kahmis Juma Al Kindi.

51-Dr. Abdullah Saif Salim Al Ghafri.

52-Dr. Abdullah Mohammed Amer Al Sarmi.

53-Sheikh Abdullah Nassir Humaid Al Nadabi.

54-Eng. Azza Sulaiman Said Al Ismaili.

55-Sheikh Ali Ahmed Mishari Al Shamsi.

56-Dr. Ali Hamdan Yousef Al Shirawi.

57-Dr. Ali Saud Ali Al Bimani.

58-Ali Mubarak Marhoon Al Amri.

59-Eng. Omar Khalfan Nassir Al Wahibi.

60-Dr. Ohood Said Rashid Al Balushi.

61-Awadh Said Ali Baqweer.

62-Dr. Issa Sulaiman Said Al Amri.

63-Sheikh Dr. Ghazi Said Abdullah Al Bahar Al Rowas.

64-Lamees Abbas Asad Allah Al Bahrani.

65-Sheikh Majid Khalifa Ali Al Harthy.

66-Majid Abdullah Mubarak Al Alawi.

67-Mohsen Ghuloom Haji Mohammed Al Ajmi.

68-Mohammed Abu Bakar Salim Al Ghassani.

69-Mohammed Ahmed Said Al Amri.

70-Mohammed Hassan Ali Al Shihi.

71-Dr. Mohammed Humaid Nassir Al Wardi.

72-Mohammed Salim Hamoud Al Harthy.

73-Dr. Mohammed Said Amir Al Hajri.

74-Sheikh Mohammed Said Ali Al Qatabi.

75-Dr. Mohammed Sulaiman Abdullah Al Rashdi.

76-Mohammed Ali Saleh Al Marjabi.

77-Dr. Mohammed Awadh Salim Al Rowas.

78-Dr. Mohammed Nassir Ali Al Saqri.

79-Dr. Maryam Abdullah Rajab Al Awadi.

80-Maha Sulaiman Barakat Al Lamki.

81-Nassir Saif Yahya Al Haddabi.

82-Eng. Nassir Mohammed Nassir Al Hajeri.

83-Eng. Nahla Abdulwahab Al Hamdi.

84-Sheikh Hilal Hamad Saif Al Kalbani.

85-Sheikh Dr. Hilal Ali Zaher Al Hinai.

86-Dr. Yahya Mansour Nassir Al Wahibi.

Article (2) says that this decree shall be published in the Official Gazette and enforced on its date of issue.

Royal Decree No. (76/2023) appointing members of Oman Human Rights Commission.

Article (1) appoints the following names as members of Oman Human Rights Commission:

1-Ahmed Abdullah Ali Al Owaisi.

2-Dr. Rashid Hamad Humaid Al Balushi.

3-Saud Saleh Ahmed Al Maawali.

4-Dr. Saleh Hamad Mohammed Al Barashdi.

5-Aida Shamis Zayed Al Hashmi.

6-Mohammed Ali Khamis Al Marzouqi.

7-Maimoona Said Rashid Al Sulaimani.

8-Dr. Yahya Mohammed Zaher Al Hinai.

9-Aqeel Alawi Saleh Ba’Omar, Representative of the Foreign Ministry.

10-Jamal Salim Saif Al Nabhani, Representative of the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs.

11-Sulaiman Saif Sulaiman Al Kindi, Representative of the Ministry of Education.

12-Abdulaziz Abdullah Mohammed Al Saadi, Representative of the Ministry of Labour.

13-Dr. Jamal Eid Nassir Al Khadouri, Representative of the Ministry of Health.

14-Labiba Mohammed Hamad Al Maawali, Representative of the Ministry of Social Development.

Article (2) says that the decree shall be published in the Official Gazette and enforced from its date of issue.

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