Dubai press club holds joint workshop with Arab news on newsroom management

DUBAI: Dubai Press Club (DPC), in collaboration with Arab News, concluded a workshop on Newsroom Management with a note that journalists should always ensure professional standards.

More than 60 media students and young professionals working in the media participated in the session, which was organised under the Media National Youth Programme (MNYP). The four-month long training programme is being held in partnership between DPC, Watani Al Emarat Foundation and a number of leading media organisations. It seeks to provide media students and young professionals with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the media industry.

Led by Faisal Abbas, Editor-in-chief of the English language daily Arab News, the workshop was aimed at giving participants an introduction to newsroom management and the future of newsrooms in a changing media environment. The session offered participants a thorough introduction into what journalism is about, how editorial decision occur and what the related functions, processes and outcomes are.

Commenting on the occasion, Faisal Abbas said: “We at Arab News, the region’s leading English language daily, are very happy to have been a part of the Media National Youth Programme organised by the Dubai Press Club. I hope the workshop we have given has helped participants better understand what it takes to manage a newsroom, what decisions we have to take as journalists, including why and how we take them. It was also a real pleasure meeting all the Emirati participants, and we thank them for their feedback and questions, which have also helped us to learn more ourselves.”

Director of Dubai Press Club Maitha Buhumaid said: “The workshop on Newsroom Management was among a series of specialised sessions organised by DPC as part of the Media National Youth Programme. This particular session was aimed at introducing participants to the latest skills and technologies being applied in newsrooms. Participants were able to learn about the best practices in newsroom management and take a closer look at the way Arab News runs its own newsroom.”

Buhumaid said that DPC organises workshops that focus on a wide range of topics that could benefit media students and professionals working in the media field, and continues to collaborate with various media institutions in the Arab region to develop the skills of media professionals and drive innovation across the news industry.

She noted that Dubai Press Club serves as a comprehensive platform, benefiting the media community in the UAE and driving innovation in the region through its high-profile media events and activities. Commenting on how the MNYP has positively contributed to the media sector in the region, His Excellency Dherar Belhoul, Director General of Watani Al Emarat Foundation, said: “The Media National Youth Programme has helped expose emerging local media talent to the latest technologies, tools, strategies and knowledge in the media industry. We are proud to organise this programme in partnership with DPC as it comes as part of our effort to foster the development of a highly skilled next-generation national workforce.”

During the session, Abbas discussed the importance of being aware of how technology is shaping the newsroom and shared tips on how to write for web. He gave participants an overview of the evolution of media, the main purpose of journalism and how it can build understanding. He also discussed the spread of fake news in the digital age and the role of journalists in providing high quality journalism. As young people are most likely to get their news through online sources, Abbas shared examples of news sites that were created to mislead readers. He highlighted the importance of learning how to judge news sites and protect oneself from inaccurate information, which has become a high priority in the digital age.

The MNYP aims to create a comprehensive platform for young Emirati media professionals to enhance their knowledge, expertise and skills in media. The programme features a series of workshops in collaboration with leading academic and media institutions in the country.

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