About Us

Creative Mind Management Consultancy is a highly skilled, experienced and successful company who provide management consultancy and learning solutions with a dynamic edge and a more personal approach.

We are customized to the specific needs of clients. We have been successfully developing and implementing solutions for leading companies in Oman. We offer cost effective solutions with the highest standards of quality.

By doing so, we support individuals to capitalize on their strengths and enable them make the most out of their inner aptitudes. That’s why our Tag line is: investing in minds.

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To become the prominent creative business and personal development organization by investing in minds and bringing to light hidden talents.

Nourish the proper mindset, capabilities, and competence. Using the right tools, we make every effort to enhance potential talents of human creativity through tailor made business needs.

Our clients will be highly motivated when dealing with us because we are:

  • Qualified and experienced team members.
  • Understand and highly value the culture.
  • Our focus is on customer/client care committed on delivery.
  • Stimulate and enable creative thinking & address issues that are deeply embedded within the culture, workplace, household etc…
  • We concentrate on personality development of individuals both professionally and socially.

Creative Mind mc makes use of the latest training techniques in order to offer the highest quality programs. We have adopted a continuous improvement approach to our programs and are continually upgrading and adjusting the programs to better meet the needs of our clients.

Among the core team at Creative Mind, the founder have been keen on utilizing and capitalizing on the talents of successful and ambitious Omanis who have previously worked as trainers/facilitators or believe that they have the passion to do so. We want to highlight Omanis with the potential to train and inspire others who may require some guidance and support.

Creative Mind is extremely excited to be able to provide them with this opportunity and thus creating a cycle that benefits everyone working with us.