Recruitment and retention strategies for the post-COVID workforce

As the workplace adapts to the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, employers are finding new ways to showcase their company culture in hopes of attracting potential job candidates, and keeping talented employees on staff.

“With remote work becoming the new normal, it provides an opportunity for companies to rethink their recruiting strategies to source talent from anywhere in the world, not just their company’s location,” says Mark Lobosco, vice president of talent solutions at LinkedIn. 

Businesses are increasingly putting themselves in employees’ shoes, as 96% of talent professionals say employee experience will be “very important” in shaping the future of HR and recruiting, according to LinkedIn data. Those strategies can help drive employee engagement and with that comes a more committed and productive workforce.

There will be both opportunities and challenges that continue to arise in the new work-from-home world, Lobosco says, adding that recruiting a more diverse workforce will be one of the opportunities. 

“This has always been critically important, and the racial injustices over the past few weeks serve as an important reminder to why this must always be top of mind,” he says.

From creating a sense of community to virtual interviewing, Lobosco shared some best practices on what changes employers need to make now to attract and retain talent in the future. 

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