QatarDebate holds arbitration workshop

QatarDebate Centre, a member of Qatar Foundation, organised a training workshop titled ‘Basics of Arbitration’ in Tunisia aimed at preparing arbitrators.
The workshop was held on the WebEx platform, and a practical proposal was made to ensure the quality of arbitration of the participants. This was done by defining a debate and attaching some of its questions in terms of justifying the result, selecting the winning team and determining the grades. 
A total of 25 trainees participated in the workshop, most of whom are former debaters or those trained in debating, but new to arbitration.
It was sent to all the participants, and they were met at the end of June after the evaluation in order to discuss the debate, analyse it and listen to their justifications.
Instructor Nadia Darwish indicated that the training programme contained details of the distribution of individual grades and provided feedback to the competitors to help them gain a good experience in arbitration.
“The workshop aims to rehabilitate debaters able to arbitrate in local tournaments held in Tunisia and develop their arbitration skills by participating in workshops and special practical training hosted by the Centre of Carthage in this field,” she added.
In addition, the workshop aimed at identifying the level of participants to help develop their capabilities and work to meet their needs and their ability to justify the result and establish fair degrees for teams in order to achieve greater quality.

Gulf Times

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