Surprise workplace checks to curb virus spread

Muscat: With the number of Covid-19 cases increasing at an alarming rate over the past month, the government has warned of random inspections of workplaces in the coming days. The government is also considering raising the fine for non-wearing masks from RO20 to a higher amount.

“Everyone should be worried when the number up to 9000 in one week. Preventive measures must be followed by all institutions. I call on all officials in all government units to alert everybody and to report those who do not comply with the measures. MOH has formed health teams which, will visit offices suddenly and take immediate actions against those who fail to comply,” said Dr. Ahmed bin Mohammed al Saidi, Minister of Health, and member of the Supreme Committee.

The minister said the past six weeks, ending July 2, in the Sultanate’s pandemic scenario witnessed annoying, deplorable, and frightful changes.

The current situation is a far cry from our experience during the first months of the pandemic outbreak when we all managed to limit the number of infection cases due to the cooperation of all people and their adherence to precautionary measures set by the Supreme Committee, the minister said.

“There is one person who went to work and shook hands with all his colleagues, and then he testified that his wife was infected with COVID-19, what can we call this behavior?” the minister said.

The Ministry of Manpower has warned of legal action if private sector companies and establishments try to hide any Covid-19 symptoms of their employees.

The ministry called upon the private sector to direct their employees to visit the nearest health institutions or testing centers if they exhibit symptoms of COVID-19. “Such cases should not be concealed in the larger public interest, to limit the spread of the virus”, it said.

In the event of any detection of the case, the employer should strictly adhere to the domestic quarantine procedures for the worker, and the employer should not summon the worker to work during the period of the domestic quarantine.

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