Importance of HR in education highlighted

NIZWA, AUGust 31 – The Training and Vocational Development Centre at the Directorate-General of Education in Al Dakhiliyah Governorate held an educational meeting that brought together Dr Afleh bin Ahmed al Kindi, Director-General of the Directorate, with the heads of the human resource development departments and the top supervisors.
The meeting was attended by Nasser bin Ali al Khayari, Assistant Director-General for Planning, Human Resources Development and Information Technology, and Saif bin Hamad al Abdali, Director of the Department. The meeting started with a welcome speech by the Director of Human Resources Development Department.
Dr Afleh bin Ahmed al Kindi provided a speech in which he addressed the importance of human resource development departments in the educational process and the role of the heads of the departments in advancing the professional level of associates in the educational field.
He also talked about the role assigned to the top supervisors in the follow-up supervisors and teachers in charge of the educational process, transfer knowledge and organise training programmes to keep up with all educational developments.
The departments in the human resources development department, which include: Islamic education, humanities, applied sciences, individual skills, education technologies, school performance development, vocational training and development, were provided presentations.
Each department defined its tasks and role, and its work plan for the current school year. They also talk about the advantages and achievements of each
section, and the difficulties faced in the implementation of the annual plan.
The discussion was opened to all participants in the meeting to give their proposals and find
alternatives and solutions to difficulties that may face the implementation of the work.

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