“Approximately 9,000 Students Apply for Enrollment at Kuwait University”

Acting Director of Kuwait University, Dr. Faiyaz Al-Zafiri, announced that the number of applications for enrollment at Kuwait University has reached around 9,000 within three days since the registration process opened, with the majority of applicants being Kuwaiti students.

During his visit to the admissions hall at Sabah Al-Salem University City today (Monday), Al-Zafiri stated that the admissions and registration deanship received visitors on the third day regarding the acceptance process, inquiries, and providing assistance and guidance in entering some data for those who were unable to do so in the electronic system.

Al-Zafiri pointed out that the large number of applications to join the university reflects Kuwait University’s status as the first choice for the aspirations and desires of the Kuwaiti society, eager to have their sons and daughters affiliated with this prestigious institution.

Earlier, Kuwait University, represented by the admissions and registration deanship, announced the approved timeline for applications for the upcoming academic year 2023/2024, scheduled from July 15 to July 26, 2023.

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