Sheikh Aimen Al Hosni: Leading Oman’s Aviation Industry with Visionary Leadership and Transformative Impact


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Sheikh Aimen Ahmed Al Hosni, an extraordinary visionary and esteemed leader in the aviation industry, is setting new benchmarks as he spearheads transformative change and empowers Omani talent. With a relentless passion for innovation and a steadfast commitment to positive impact, Sheikh Aimen is revolutionizing airport management in Oman and beyond.

From his early years in Oman, Sheikh Aimen was deeply influenced by his father and grandfather, both remarkable individuals who believed in the power of determination and the ability to make a difference. Guided by their wisdom, he embarked on a mission to break barriers and create a lasting impact on his surroundings.

Through his unwavering dedication, Sheikh Aimen has achieved remarkable milestones, ascending to prestigious roles as the CEO of Oman Airports Management Company, Chairman of the ACI World Governing Board, and General Manager of the Muscat International Airport. These positions empower him to shape the aviation sector’s future, driving Oman Airports to unparalleled heights of excellence.

Sheikh Aimen’s transformative leadership has brought about profound changes in the Ministry of Civil Service and Oman as a whole, contributing significantly to the nation’s development. He takes immense pride in his ability to effect positive transformations, revolutionizing his country and leaving an indelible mark on its progress.

As a true trailblazer, Sheikh Aimen Al Hosni is not only an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs but also a beacon of hope for creative thinkers in the public sector. He firmly believes that innovation and creativity are vital for building a modern and efficient public sector, challenging traditional notions and pioneering new approaches to problem-solving and leadership.

Under Sheikh Aimen’s visionary guidance, Oman Airports continues to soar to unprecedented heights of success. Notably, his leadership played a pivotal role in the seamless grand openings of Salalah Airport, Muscat Airport, and Duqm Airport. The new Muscat International Airport, a testament to his visionary outlook, garnered prestigious World Travel Awards and secured the title of the World’s Leading New Airport.

Sheikh Aimen’s influence extends far beyond Oman’s borders. In a historic achievement, he became the first Omani to be elected as Vice Chairman of the Airports Council International (ACI), solidifying his international recognition and deep expertise in airport management. His diverse leadership portfolio includes executive positions in esteemed organizations such as HSBC Oman, Omantel Telecommunication, Oman National Investment and Engineering, and Muscat Insurance Company.

With an unwavering commitment to Oman’s Vision 2040, Sheikh Aimen is actively shaping the nation’s aviation sector to establish a safe, modern, profitable, and customer-centric industry. He places great emphasis on nurturing Omani talent, empowering them to become the future leaders of the aviation industry. Sheikh Aimen’s exceptional leadership has resulted in a remarkable Omanisation rate of 95% at Oman Airports, highlighting his dedication to building a skilled and prosperous workforce.

Sheikh Aimen Ahmed Al Hosni’s exceptional track record, visionary leadership, and unwavering dedication make him a highly respected figure in Oman and a source of inspiration for aspiring leaders and innovators worldwide. His relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to positive change continue to shape the aviation industry, propelling Oman’s growth and prosperity to new heights.

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