Saudi students continue their excellence in ISEF 2023, receiving 27 awards

Saudi students received 23 major awards and 4 special awards during their participation in the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair “ISEF 2023”, which was held in the United States of America from May 13 to 19, exceeding their previous participation in “ISEF 22”, in which they won 16 awards.

Mohammed Al-Arfaj and Faisal Al-Muhaish achieved first place in two distinct fields in the “ISEF 2023 “Competition. In the category of environmental engineering, Al-Arfaj won for his distinguished project “Using a contact liquid to capture carbon dioxide by freezing from fuel and open-air sources with high efficiency and low cost “. In addition, Al-Mahish, a chemistry student, received his award for his outstanding project, “An Electrocatalyst Based on a Metal-Organic Framework for the Production of Hydrogen from Seawater with High Efficiency and Low Cost.”

Taif Al-Hidmi, Latifa Al-Ghannam, and Leen Al-Mulhim finished second place in the energy category. Furthermore, Zahraa Al Shubr in biomedicine and health sciences, Fatima Al-Arfaj in chemistry, Wissam Al-Qurashi in biomedical engineering, and Dima Marouhi in earth and environmental sciences all also came in second place.

The third place went to Retaj Al-Solami, Fajr Al-Khulaifi in the field of energy, Faris Al-Yami in medical sciences, Layan Nuruli in environmental engineering, Abeer Al-Youssef in materials science, Layan Al-Maliki, and Noor Al-Hammad in plant sciences.

The fourth place was also won by Maria Qumsani in the field of engineering technologies, Bandar Al-Brahim in “robots” and smart devices, Hanadi Arif in social and behavioral sciences, Maria Al-Ghamdi in environmental engineering, Tahani Ahmed in materials science, Dhai Shuja’ in earth and environmental sciences, and Yazan Al-Fulaih in plant sciences.

Dima Mohammed Issa Marouhi received a special award in the field of earth and environmental sciences. In addition, Abeer Ali bin Nasser Al-Youssef was given a special award in materials science, Lynn Ahmed bin Khalifa Al-Mulhim obtained a special award in energy, and Wissam Fahd Abdul Muti Al-Qurashi was offered a special award in biomedical engineering.​


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