“2022 Labor Market Regulation: 17K Violators Caught, 27.9K Work Abandonments, and 66.5K Complaints Handled”

Nasser bin Salem Al-Hadrami, the Assistant General Director of Inspection at the Ministry of Labor, stated that the number of irregular migrant workers apprehended reached 17,800 in 2022. The registered reports of work abandonment reached 27,954, while the number of labor complaints handled was 66,469 in 2022. Additionally, there were 2,114 individual and collective awareness campaigns conducted in 2022.

The Ministry is making significant efforts through all labor care departments in all governorates to create a safe, stable, and suitable work environment for all workers, aiming to provide an attractive work environment for job seekers. Since January 2023, more than 7,000 violations of labor laws have been identified. Joint inspection campaigns are being carried out in coordination with several entities such as municipalities, the Ministry of Education, and the Royal Oman Police.

Al-Hadrami explained that the purpose of inspection is to ensure the compliance of private sector establishments with the provisions of labor laws, regulations, and decisions, including working hours, employment of women and minors, and everything related to the health and safety of workers. The goal is to provide awareness to employers and workers and gather information to develop labor legislation, regulate the labor market, and create opportunities for Omani workers. Inspections also aim to identify violations and non-compliance with labor laws by establishments.

Al-Hadrami added that inspectors have various powers granted by the law, including the authority to freely enter any work site without prior notice at any time, whether day or night. Employers are obligated to provide all necessary facilitations and information requested by inspectors according to Article 9 of the Labor Law. If an employer obstructs the work of an inspector, they can be penalized under Article 112 of the Labor Law, with a fine not exceeding 500 Omani Rials or imprisonment for up to one month.

Regarding inspection types, Al-Hadrami mentioned comprehensive inspections, where inspectors communicate with establishment owners or their representatives, especially the Human Resources Department, to provide them with all the data and records related to labor law provisions. Comprehensive inspections are usually conducted once a year, with a total of 12,045 visits in 2022. If violations are found, employers are required to rectify the situation, and subsequent inspections are conducted to verify compliance. Most of these inspections are carried out secretly without prior notice. There are also selective inspections based on reports or complaints, where judicial control officers visit establishments to confirm the existence of violations. In recent times, the Ministry has intensified inspection campaigns to address negative phenomena in the labor market, such as informal sales and itinerant labor. Specialized inspections focus on ensuring the implementation of occupational safety and health regulations in establishments, with 3,860 specialized visits in 2022. There are also inspections specifically related to the employment of women and minors.

In a separate inspection campaign in Northeastern Oman, the joint inspection team of the General Directorate of Labor in the region managed to apprehend 360 violators by the end of May 2023 and deported 141 workers. The Ministry of Labor continues to intensify inspection campaigns on private sector establishments and migrant workers to regulate the Omani labor market in line with the goals of Vision 2040 and facilitate the employment and localization of Omani workers. Joint inspection teams in all governorates of Oman are implementing the Ministry’s inspection plan in all its forms.

Yousef Al-Rasbi, the Director-General of the General Directorate of Labor in Northeastern Oman, emphasized the need for cooperation from all parties to eliminate the phenomenon of work abandonment by migrant workers. Employers should refrain from employing workers who have abandoned their work or employing illegal migrant workers. Citizens are also encouraged to report the presence of unregulated migrant workers.

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