Dur launches specialized hospitality training school with global standards

RIYADH — Dur Hospitality announced the launch of an internal training academy specialized in hospitality disciplines at an event held in the presence of the company’s CEO Sultan Al Otaibi and a number of its senior officials, in addition to a group of notable local and international industry professionals.

In this regard, Dur’s CEO reiterated the importance of this step on a national level and highlighted the company’s pioneering role in establishing the academy aimed at equipping local talents interested in working in this industry with the necessary skills and qualifications. He added that the academy’s goals also include training current Dur employees with knowledge and applied skills they need to succeed. He elaborated that the academy will operate in two phases, with the first seeking to fulfill the company’s requirements and ensuring its staff are qualified to execute its ongoing future expansion strategy till 2020, while the second phase will contribute toward supplying the local hotel service industry with qualified and capable national talents. Al Otaibi also stated that the academy’s ultimate objective is to equip trainees with world-class skills and provide them with guidance from local and international industry leaders to help them achieve excellence.

The academy will present a number of training programs that aspire to raise the qualification and skill level among trainees in what will reflect positively on the Saudi hospitality industry. Those programs will cover three main parts — the first part will include programs on leadership and supervision and will last for 12 months. It will cater to internal supervision and front desk employees, food and beverage production and service employees, and marketing and sales employees.

The second part will be dedicated to training new joiners and will last from 3 to 6 months. Likewise, it will include training front desk employees, internal supervision employees, food and beverage production and service employees, and marketing and sales employees.

The third part of the program will include shorter development courses that last between 1 and 5 days. It will cover topics including central management for internal and external operations, hotel management, customer service, and health and safety. — SG

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