Mawared launched an outreach service specialized in HR development

For the first time in Oman 

Mawared launched an outreach service specialized in HR development 


Creative Mind Est. specialized in administrative consultations and human resources services has worked on launching the first platform specialized in HR development (Mawared). 

This platform is a news website posting the up-to-date events related to employment, qualifying and training. It also releases news of career community and companies locally and internationally. 

In addition, a YouTube channel called “Mawared Oman” has been established to present different experiences of many decision makers and national competent people. This channel also covers special events related to human development. 

The platform is also nourished with information through other social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin). It has many followers and audience of employees, specialists as well as students upcoming to work market. 

Besides, there is a hard and digital annual book expressing trends ambitions of HR sectors in relation to small establishments and big companies. 

Through this platform, Creative Mind launches a unique service for the first time among other Omani media. This service covers marketing and promoting for HR sections with an educative documentation in order to deliver its objectives to local and international audience, activate employment interaction, inculcate 

internal values of the company and deepen job royalty and HR roles by creating a content led by expertise specialized in HR media. 

Noteworthy that Creative Mind has won a prize for the best branding in the Middle East and North Africa and since establishing its brand, Creative Mind has worked on making a different media content that keeps abreast with the revolution of digital information.