“Military Technical College Commences Admission Procedures for 2023/2024 Academic Year: Bridging Knowledge and Practical Expertise”

The Military Technical College has started the admission procedures for new students for the academic year 2023/2024, in coordination with the Unified Admission Center and the Direct Admission System, in addition to the educational and training system coupled with practical implementation, in coordination with the Ministry of Labor.

The admission procedures include receiving the required documents, opening an electronic file for the student, and having students take the English language proficiency test, along with several other procedures.

The years of study at the Military Technical College include the foundational year, during which students study English language, mathematics, and computer science. Afterward, students move on to study various engineering programs with practical application in specialized labs and workshops. Students will then be distributed among specialized programs based on their preferences or the requirements of the respective institution they will join later.

Brigadier General Jowi Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Kindi, Assistant Dean for Financial and Support Services at the Military Technical College, said: “The Military Technical College seeks to provide an integrated educational environment that aligns with its scientific and technological readiness level by keeping pace with scientific and academic developments. It combines theoretical study with practical training. The college is distinguished by its training program, enabling its graduates to pursue future career paths armed with both scientific and practical knowledge.”

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