Study: Enhancing Employee Engagement and Productivity During Summer


Employee engagement and productivity are critical drivers of success for any organization. Recognizing the value of employee contributions and ensuring they feel heard and appreciated fosters a sense of ownership and commitment among the workforce. This, in turn, leads to increased job satisfaction and reduced employee turnover, as feeling overlooked is a significant factor behind employees seeking new opportunities (Forbes, 2021). During the summer season, when workloads may be lighter and schedules more flexible, companies can seize the opportunity to boost engagement and productivity by implementing thoughtful internal communication strategies.

  1. Summer Session for Professional Development: Embracing the summer season as an opportune time for professional development can yield substantial benefits for both employees and the organization. Leveraging internal communication channels, companies can offer various learning opportunities and skill-building initiatives:

a. Advertise Workshops, Webinars, and Online Courses: By promoting workshops, webinars, and online courses, employees can enhance their skills and stay engaged in their work. These initiatives can cater to diverse interests and career development needs, fostering continuous growth.

b. Promote Lunch-and-Learn Opportunities: Hosting lunch-and-learn sessions empowers employees to share their knowledge and highlight ongoing projects. These knowledge-sharing sessions create a collaborative environment and encourage peer learning.

c. Establish a Centralized Learning Hub on the Intranet: Creating a dedicated section on the company’s intranet for learning resources can facilitate easy access to training materials, e-learning modules, video tutorials, and industry articles. Organizing content into relevant categories and implementing a searchable database promotes self-directed learning.

d. Introduce Gamification: Gamifying the learning process on the company’s intranet can boost engagement and motivation. Skill-building challenges, quizzes, and competitions can allow employees to earn points, badges, or other rewards, tapping into the power of positive feedback to increase productivity and happiness (Forbes, 2021).

  1. Acknowledging Employee Successes: Summer provides an excellent backdrop to recognize and appreciate employees’ hard work and accomplishments. Implementing an effective employee recognition and rewards program can significantly impact employee morale and job satisfaction. Even with budget constraints, there are creative ways to acknowledge employee successes through internal communications:

a. Companywide Appreciation Emails: Sending out companywide emails to express appreciation for outstanding contributions or achievements allows employees to be recognized publicly and boosts their sense of accomplishment.

b. Congratulatory Blog Posts: Publishing blog posts on the company’s intranet or website, featuring exceptional employee achievements, showcases the value placed on individual efforts and inspires others to excel.

c. Virtual Awards or Certificates: Presenting virtual awards or certificates is a tangible way to acknowledge employee dedication and commitment to their work.

d. Video Messages: Personalized video messages from senior management or team leaders expressing gratitude and appreciation can have a lasting impact on employee engagement.

e. Physical Displays: Displaying employee achievements on plasma screens, posters, or a “wall of fame” in common areas fosters a culture of recognition and highlights the importance of individual contributions.

f. Celebratory Events and Town Halls: Organizing celebratory events or town hall gatherings provides an opportunity to publicly commend employees’ successes and reinforce a culture of appreciation.

If budget permits, offering tangible rewards such as electronic gadgets, useful swag, gift cards, extra PTO, or bonuses can further motivate employees and reinforce their value to the organization.

NOT FORGET (When the temperature rises, many workers have a decidedly cooler attitude toward the workplace)

  • 48% take extended lunch breaks
  • 31% use sick days to plan long weekends, and
  • 51% report an increase in distractions.

Ample vacation time — and support for actually using it, while balancing PTO requests and business needs — can go a long way toward helping employees stay focused and feel energized.


As temperatures rise during the summer season, maintaining high levels of employee motivation and productivity becomes paramount. By prioritizing professional development opportunities and implementing effective employee recognition programs through thoughtful internal communication strategies, organizations can create a dynamic and rewarding work environment. The positive impact of these efforts on employee satisfaction, retention, and recruitment reinforces the value of investing in engagement and productivity during the summer months. The integration of these strategies can make summer the most engaging and productive season of the year for the entire workforce. (References: Forbes, 2021; SHRM and Globoforce surveys).

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