Bahrain tops the Middle East and North Africa as the best destination for expatriates.

The Kingdom of Bahrain has achieved new international recognition by being ranked first in the Middle East and North Africa and ninth globally on the “Best Expat Destinations” list for 2023, conducted by the “Internations” organization. According to the report, the Kingdom of Bahrain has also been ranked first globally for the second consecutive year in the “Expat Essentials Index,” reflecting its competitive position and its status as a preferred destination for living and working on a global level.

The index includes aspects related to the ease of securing daily essential services in the intended country. The “Internations 2023 Expat Insider” report stated that administrative requirements do not pose a barrier to living in the Kingdom, as 86% of the participants stated that opening a bank account is easy (compared to the global average of 62%). Additionally, 59% of expatriates praised the ease of dealing with official authorities (compared to 39% globally).

In addition to surpassing the global average in terms of stability, survey participants also considered that not speaking the local language did not hinder their achievement of stability. They believe that the Kingdom enjoys an environment supported by innovation and creativity. The respondents also perceived a continuous improvement in social life in Bahrain, ranking it sixth as a country where it is easy to make friends.

This index reflects the importance of the supportive environment that investors can rely on, as it is a key attraction factor when making investment decisions in the Kingdom. It benefits from its long-standing commercial position, spanning over four thousand years, and relies on its supported investment factors, including skilled local workforce and a regulatory environment that supports business sectors. Additionally, it provides an abundance of essential services easily accessible to residents and visitors.

The “Internations” organization is celebrating the tenth anniversary since the release of the Expat Insider survey, which is considered one of the most important global surveys based on data collected from over 12,000 participants representing 171 nationalities living in 172 countries around the world.

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