“Ministry of Information Launches ‘Young Journalist’ Training for Students”

The Media Training Center at the Ministry of Information organized today a training program titled “The Young Journalist,” in collaboration with the General Directorate of Education in the northeastern province, represented by the Al-Nawabigh Summer Center in the state of Badia.

The program, which is being implemented as part of the “Summer Vision and Development” program for school students in northeastern region, aims to familiarize them with media and its role in conveying events, activities, and programs. Additionally, it aims to equip them with media literacy, train them in journalistic writing skills, and introduce them to various fields of media work.

The training program, delivered by Hamad bin Abdullah Al-Mufarji, a television cameraman at the Ministry of Information, covered several topics, including the discussion of fundamental aspects in the practical field, theoretical and practical aspects, introduction to the requirements of media work, and types of news and talk programs.

The “Young Journalist” program lasts for four days and concludes with a training session at the Samad Summer Center in the Mudhaibi state.

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