Egypt’s Ministry of Labor Highlights Achievements in International Labor Standards and Initiatives


The Ministry of Labor has issued a report discussing Egypt’s achievements in the field of labor at the international level, as well as its commitment and adherence to international labor standards. This directive was given by President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to the Ministry of Labor to emphasize the country’s commitment to these standards since its inception on June 30.

The Ministry of Labor clarified that the outcome was positive regarding the labor and investment file, as Egypt was not included in the list of individual cases of countries accused of violating international labor standards for the year 2023, commonly known as the “blacklist.” This is especially noteworthy as Egypt has enacted labor legislation in line with international labor standards and ratified international agreements. The supervisory bodies of the International Labor Organization and the Permanent Mission of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Geneva praised the Ministry of Labor’s responses to the reports of the International Expert Committee and complaints lodged against the Egyptian government.

Equalizing the conditions of labor unions The Ministry of Labor emphasized that Egypt has taken measures to equalize the conditions of nearly 2,230 labor unions during 2018, as well as conducting labor elections for more than 1,873 unions for the terms 2018-2022 and 2022-2026. These efforts resulted in the election of 18,000 members of the board of directors for various labor unions and the establishment of over 100 new labor unions. Additionally, supplementary elections were conducted for several organizations in some facilities.

Furthermore, Egypt has prioritized diversifying its engagement with the International Labor Organization through the implementation of various joint development projects. These projects include enhancing workers’ rights and competitiveness in export industries, strengthening labor relations and institutions in Egypt, implementing the Better Work program, promoting decent work for women through three projects, addressing youth employment and job opportunities through three projects, eliminating child labor in supply chains, promoting decent work in North Africa, and launching the national plan to combat the worst forms of child labor for the period 2018-2025 and working towards its implementation.

Minister of Labor, Hassan Shehata .image reference

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