“Bahraini Government Agencies Conduct Joint Inspection Campaign in Manama to Address Labor Law Violations and Unauthorized Vendors”


BNA: Several government agencies conducted a joint inspection campaign in the capital city of Manama following the circulation of reports on social media about legal violations by some workers that were detrimental to the work environment.

Participating in the campaign were the Labor Market Regulatory Authority, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture, and the Capital Municipality.

The campaign resulted in the apprehension of a number of workers who were found to be in violation of various laws, particularly those related to municipalities, residency, and the labor market. They have been referred to the relevant authorities.

The government entities emphasized the continued coordination in carrying out inspection campaigns across different provinces, with a strict approach towards offenders and a commitment to enforcing the law without discrimination. They urged all citizens and residents to refrain from dealing with non-compliant workers, especially illegal vendors.

Furthermore, they emphasized that achieving the desired outcomes in combating non-compliant workers and illegal practices is a shared responsibility among various government entities and society as a whole.

The Labor Market Regulatory Authority verifies compliance of establishments with the provisions of Law No. 19 of 2006 on the regulation of the labor market. It also ensures that establishments employ legally compliant workers who are authorized to perform their work activities, and it discourages engagement with irregular labor.

In case of discovering non-compliant workers, the authority follows the procedures stipulated in Decision No. 74 of 2007 regarding the inspection of those subject to the provisions of the labor market law. This includes preparing violation reports, hearing statements from the offenders to establish the facts of the labor law violations, and subsequently referring the reports to the Public Prosecution. The penalties vary depending on the nature of the violation and range from imposing fines on both the employer and the worker to final deportation of irregular workers from the country.

On its part, the Capital Municipality confirmed its commitment to continue the inspection campaigns targeting violators among the unauthorized vendors in the center of Manama. The campaign involved the removal and confiscation of their stalls as part of the efforts made by the Capital Municipality to eliminate the phenomenon of unauthorized vendors, in accordance with the Cleaning Law No. (10) of 2019. The team took all necessary measures based on the Public Health Law No. 34 of 2018.

The Capital Municipality emphasized the need for everyone’s cooperation in addressing the negative aspects resulting from the wrongful practices of unauthorized vendors.

The Ministry of Health also stressed the importance of markets and shops adhering to the approved health regulations and systems in order to protect public health and consumers.

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