“Tragic Negligence in Madrid: Employee’s Death Goes Unnoticed for Over Two Hours, Shocking Incident Described by French Newspaper”

“A Shameful Incident in the Heart of Madrid: French Newspaper ‘Le Parisien’ Describes a Bizarre Event where an Employee’s Death Goes Unnoticed for Over Two Hours”

According to the French newspaper Le Parisien, a strange incident unfolded in Madrid, in which a female employee tragically passed away, and her lifeless body remained unattended for more than two hours, as described by the publication. The report, citing Spanish media outlets including El Pais, highlights that several employees working in a call center continued their duties while their colleague suffered a heart attack, resulting in her death near her office. The same sources, quoting a union representative, revealed that four employees remained motionless in their offices for over two hours, seemingly oblivious to the situation. The details of the incident, which garnered significant public attention in Spain, unfolded last Monday in one of the offices of Konecta, a company specializing in call centers.

At approximately 12:30 PM local time, the 57-year-old employee named “Inma” suffered a heart attack and collapsed instantly. Despite the prompt intervention of the emergency team, they were unable to revive her.

The following minutes after these tragic events were reportedly extremely bewildering, according to El Pais, which relied on testimonies from company employees and union representatives. What’s worse is that one of the employees was in a state of confusion due to the shock of what happened to his colleague. He requested to go home, but his request was denied by his manager, who considered his work to be of “essential service,” as stated by three union representatives from the General Workers’ Union.

Around 2 PM, more than an hour after the employee’s death, the director of the Konecta group arrived at the scene and ordered the remaining employees to leave the building.

The Spanish media did not specify the number of employees who were still present at the site during those moments.

However, at 3:10 PM that day, Miguel Angel Salinas, the occupational hazard prevention delegate from the union, entered the building and discovered that four employees were still working, while the body of their colleague “Inma” remained covered. This means that they had spent two hours and forty minutes working alongside the deceased body

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