Omani Authority Aims to Empower National Human Resources in the Insurance Sector

The Omani General Authority for the Capital Market is actively working to strengthen the role of national human resources in the insurance sector by supporting the national initiative called “Tameen.” Launched in 2015, this initiative aims to empower and develop Omani youth in the insurance sector through training and qualification programs.

The authority has placed a strong emphasis on implementing the “Tameen” initiative’s training and qualification policies to increase localization rates across various administrative and technical positions. As of mid-year, the overall localization rate in the sector stands at 83.36%. This includes 59.73% localization at senior levels, 78.13% at middle management positions, and 90.18% in operational roles.

Under the “Tameen” initiative, approximately 88 specialized training programs have been executed in collaboration with insurance institutes and training centers, benefiting over 2,400 employees in the insurance sector. The initiative focuses on enhancing technical and administrative skills, analyzing sector data, and monitoring the training programs offered by companies to their employees.

This initiative has been strategically implemented to replace technical and managerial positions with qualified Omani professionals who possess the necessary skills to lead and develop the sector according to the local market’s requirements. By doing so, it aims to enhance Oman’s competitiveness in the financial and investment sectors, which is a primary objective of the initiative.

One of the key features of the “Tameen” initiative is its ability to create an attractive environment for attracting and retaining qualified national talents, despite the competitive job market. It aims to build specialized national expertise within the sector, prevent the loss of valuable skills, and ensure the quality of the national workforce through effective human resources management. Furthermore, the initiative focuses on selecting training programs that meet the demands of the labor market, thus enhancing the competitive advantage of Omani youth qualified for technical and administrative roles in the insurance sector.

The authority continues to implement the “Tameen” plan for 2023, which aims to further strengthen specialized positions for highly competent Omani employees. This includes the introduction of professional certifications such as the Insurance Institute’s Insurance Certificate, Risk Management participation certificate, and the Level Three Professional Certificate.

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