“Ministry of Labor to Announce Dozens of Job Opportunities for Omanis”

Tomorrow, the announcement of dozens of job opportunities for Omanis will begin. The Ministry of Labor will start announcing a number of job opportunities in coordination with the military and security agencies at various educational levels and specializations, and this will continue until the end of the year.

The Ministry of Labor stated that the job opportunities included in the announcements will cover various qualifications and scientific specializations.

The ministry also indicated that the announcement will clearly and specifically explain the application and selection process, as well as the requirements for each job opportunity mentioned in the advertisements. The application process will be through the citizen who meets the general conditions registering their request electronically using the Short Message Service (SMS) or through the ministry’s “Tajneed” website on the Internet.

The ministry emphasized the importance of citizens who wish to apply for any job opportunity in the advertisements to ensure that their information is up to date with the Ministry’s Labor Registry. They should carefully review the conditions and specific requirements for the desired position before submitting their application. It should be noted that nomination and appointment will be invalidated if any of these conditions are violated.

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