International Labour Conference adopts new apprenticeship standard, among other key decisions

The 111th International Labour Conference (ILC) concluded with significant outcomes, including the adoption of a new Recommendation on Quality Apprenticeships. This new labor standard is designed to facilitate continuous skill development, reskilling, and upskilling for individuals of all ages in the face of rapidly evolving labor markets. It offers a precise definition of apprenticeships and sets forth ambitious standards for ensuring their quality, including safeguarding the rights and protection of apprentices.

Furthermore, the General Discussion Committee’s conclusions on a Just Transition were also embraced by the delegates. These conclusions underscored the urgent need to pursue a just transition, which not only promotes social justice and eradicates poverty but also supports the availability of decent work opportunities. The delegates endorsed the ILO Guidelines for a just transition toward environmentally sustainable economies and societies as a guiding framework for action and policymaking.

In addition, the delegates adopted the conclusions of the Recurrent Discussion Committee on Labour Protection. The adopted resolution outlines a path towards more comprehensive, adequate, and effective labor protection for all workers. It establishes a foundation for devising a plan of action that aims to enhance inclusivity and address the diverse needs of the workforce.

Overall, the outcomes of the conference highlight the commitment of participating countries to address the challenges posed by changing labor markets, foster sustainable and inclusive economies, and ensure the well-being of workers worldwide.

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