Covid-19 updates: Delivery profession to be Omanised

Muscat: Supreme Committee members are addressing the media today.

Here’s the latest update:

1- Minister of Health: We have no indication that the opening of some commercial activities caused an increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 in Oman.

2- Minister of Health: More than 27,000 cases were recorded in one month.

3- Minister of Health: The reason for the increase in cases is the lack of compliance with preventive measures.

4- Minister of Transport: The decision to resume air traffic is still under discussion and we will make it in due course.

5- Dr. Saif Al Abri: 438 cases were registered in Dhofar of which 102 are Omanis and 336 are expats. 80 expats are in institutional isolation in Salalah.

6- Dr. Saif Al Abri: A workers camp that housed 2,067 people in Seeb was closed, and many other camps, factories and companies in Seeb were closed too.

7- The Ministry of Health has registered 1366 new coronavirus cases, 2 deaths in Oman on Thursday.

8- Dr. Mujahid Al Busaidi: We have observed complications among young people aged 27 and they have no chronic diseases.

9- Minister of Health: If the number of cases increases, we may have to open field hospitals. The increase in the number of Covid-19 cases may prevent other cases from receiving appropriate treatment, we didn’t reach that level yet.

10- Minister of Health: We expected 80 deaths a day during the peak period, but that did not happen, thank God.

11- Minister of Transport: 85% of commercial activities and about 100 percent of factories have been opened. All operating protocols and precautionary measures have been announced. So we ask everyone to comply so that we don’t have to close them again.

12- Minister of Health: We have decided to open Wadi Kabir Industrial area and Hamriya from June 28.

13- Minister of Health: 450 health workers are having Covid-19 and two of them are in ICU.

14- Dr. Hoda Al Khalili: The number of cases in intensive care in the Royal Hospital about 44 cases.

15- Minister of Health: Dexamethasone is being used in Oman and the study shows its effectiveness and we have observed its positive results.

16- Minister of Transport: The decision to Omanise delivery profession for restaurants and shops will be approved soon. The decision has been due to the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases among expatriates.

17- Dr. Saif Al Abri: Anyone who needs a check-up is screened daily, and if we do 4,000 tests, it means that 4,000 people needed to be tested. In some areas, the positive result in the tests was 98%.

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