Shura bureau reviews Omanisation of senior jobs

Muscat: The office of Majlis Ash’shura reviewed the efforts being made to land Omanis in the senior management and supervisory jobs as the office members debated the ministerial reply provided by the minister of manpower in response to a parliamentary question regarding the percentage of Omanisation in the sate-owned companies.

The office of Majlis Ash’shura held its 9th regular meeting this year on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Khalid bin Hilal al Maawali.

The office members reviewed the reply of the Council of Ministers to a proposal made by Majlis Ash’shura to establish teachers’ club. In its reply the Council of Ministers said that the Ministry of Education has previously formed a work team to lay down a general vision of an educational club project for the employees of the Ministry of Education but the establishment of the project was deferred due to the financial situation.

The Council of Ministers added that following the establishment of the Public Authority for Privatisation and Partnership (PAPP) pursuant to the Royal Decree No 54/2019, the Ministry of Education coordinated with the PAPP to form a work team tasked with the ministry’s projects that can be implemented in partnership with the private sector including the educational club.

The office also reviewed the reply provided by the minister of tourism with regard to a question about the transfer of the heritage landmarks (forts and castles) to the Ministry of Heritage and Culture. In his reply the minister explained that the role of the Ministry of Tourism is confined to regulating the tourism sector and setting up policies and legislation without performing executive roles.

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