Middle East College & TLRNOW bring skill development programs to Oman

Muscat: TLRNOW Consultants Private Limited, an India based online and onsite training, coaching and mentoring platform is all set to spread its wings in the Middle East. TLRNOW’s Middle East Chapter recently unveiled their flagship initiative ‘TLRTALKS’ at the Middle East College, Knowledge Oasis Muscat, Oman. The star-studded lineup included Nalin Chandna, CEO at the National Gas Company, Muscat, Oman and Chief Transformer with TLRNOW; Kerry McIntyre, a stalwart in HR & people development; and Avtar Singh, aviation expert with Oman Air. Three talks, one followed by another were aimed at empowering people to develop skills and excel in their professional and personal life. The program was appreciated by the audience which comprised of professors, students, entrepreneurs, and working professionals from across Muscat region.

The first TLRTALK, delivered by Nalin Chandna, focused on the importance of effective communication skills. He emphasized on Communication being more than just an exchange of words, it is more about connecting with others while communicating. The second TLRTALK was delivered by Kerry McIntyre on how Emotional Intelligence plays a pivotal role in determining success. She emphasized on the ability to be aware of situations and to manage through emotional intelligence. The program concluded with the third TLRTALK by Avtar Singh, who familiarized the audience on debunking the myths of the Aviation Hospitality. It helped the students and the others understand that behind the glitz and glamor of the airline industry, a lot of effort goes into training and relationship management in this highly competitive vertical.

Speaking after the event, a student from the Middle East College, commented “The three sessions were power-packed and an eye-opener. It gave me a new perspective to look at things along with the clarity on how to go about it.” Another student says “I loved the concept of TLRNOW as was shared by Nalin Sir. I’m intrigued by the amazing experts in the team. Kerry Ma’am and Avtar Sir were easily approachable and took time out to clarify our queries. I‘m looking forward to more such sessions.”

Dr. Saleh Al Shaaibi, Associate-Dean, Middle East College who was present throughout the sessions, quipped, “It was a great session and truly enriching. We learnt a lot and appreciated how such programs can be a game changer especially for students who would be going out to the outside world as soon as they step out of the college. The attendees were all praise for the speakers as they felt that the talks had opened new vistas for a range of professions. Thank you very much and I hope this will be a continuous activity in our college.”

“We’re happy to invite professionals, companies, startups, schools, and colleges to get in touch with us and explore how we can transform their lives through TLRNOW programs,” said Nalin Chandna, Chief Transformer, TLRNOW.

The experts who conducted the TLRTALKS program emphasized on the significance of structured and meaningful training and mentoring programs to help the youth of schools and colleges and working professionals to overcome challenges and continuously upgrade their life for success. Nalin Chandna, also talked about the expansion plans TLRNOW has for the Middle East. The team is all set to launch its online platform in 2020 which would enable the students to access experts from around the world. The team currently has 100+ Experts and 5 International Chapters in South Asia. Besides, TLRNOW offers leadership programs customized to meet the needs of a diverse set of clients across industries. www.tlrnow.com

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