SCP workshop discusses 10th five-year plan

The Supreme Council of Planning has conducted a one-day workshop on the 10th five-year plan (2021-2025), which saw community participation of 300 attendees representing various government entities. The first execution of mid-term plan of Vision 2040 was discussed at the meeting.
According to the experts from the Supreme Council of Planning, there were three main objectives — the first was to ensure that everyone was onboard in regard to the five-year plan preparation.

The second objective was to introduce everyone to the methodology being used in implementing the preparation, and the third objective was to obtain feedback from the attendees.
Detailed presentations were delivered by Intisar al Wahaibi and Khalid al Sunaidi, Head of Oman 2040 Vision Office, followed by discussions between the Supreme Council of Planning officials, headed by Talal al Rahbi, Secretary-General of SCP, and attendees.
The main message was that the Supreme Council of Planning is
seeking the commitment of all stakeholders not only in the preparation of the plan but also in the execution phase as well as in the monitoring
and evaluation stages.
Some of the questions asked by the attendees during the question and answer session were — How are we going to cascade the vision’s objective to the 10th five-year plan, programme and projects? What are the resources available to speed up the execution? They also asked about the transparency in monitoring and evaluation.
Talal al Rahby acknowledged the importance of making resources available but not only financial resources but human resources as well.
Intisar al Wahaibi explained the methodology used in the preparation of the 10th five-year plan and gave examples as well as the timeline. The preparation of the five-year plan will begin immediately.
Khalid al Sunaidy said the Office of Oman Vision 2040 will cooperate with the team responsible for the 10th five-year plan in various stages of implementation.
“Performances of measurement indicators of the vision include 68 indicators, 49 per cent of local sources and 51 per cent of international sources and targets were set for 2030 and 2040. The speeding up of the application of the Programme, Performance Budget is one of the most important approved initiatives,” he said.

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