Madayn conducts Omanisation training workshops for companies in Dhofar

Muscat: The Public Authority for Industrial Estates — Madayn — conducted workshops on the skills that need to be imparted to locals as part of companies’ Omanisation training programmes in Dhofar.

Both business owners and industrial investors attended the workshops.

Madayn had organised two workshops on Omanisation in the industrial sector aimed for business owners and investors based in Raysut Industrial City and Al Mazunah Free Zone.

Held as part of Madayn’s Oman Manufacturing Group (OMG) series of events for the year 2019, the workshops stressed the significance of providing training opportunities to national cadres working in the industrial sector and other sectors to raise proficiency and productivity levels and enhance the ideal work environment.

An official for Madayn said, “Through connecting with the investors and business owners in Raysut Industrial City and Al Mazunah Free Zone, the two workshops elaborated on the reality of Omanisation in the industrial sector, identified the obstacles faced by the industries, and proposed recommendations.

“A series of seminars and workshops that are being held in this regard, aim to design a partnership with various public and private bodies to develop solutions for the challenges being faced by Omanisation and rehabilitation in the industrial sector.

“Madayn has adopted training and rehabilitation programmes since 2011 for the national cadres working in factories, and for companies based in the various industrial cities pertaining to Madayn,” he added.

“Besides, Madayn has been paying attention to the Omani cadres holding senior administrative and supervisory positions and trained them to develop their skills and capabilities.”

In continuity of the efforts undertaken by Madayn to achieve comprehensive and sustainable economic and social development in this area, Madayn Industrial Academy was recently introduced in cooperation with key partners.

The objective of the academy is to offer vocational and technical training programmes for the national cadres to enhance their productivity and equip them with necessary skills to meet market requirements.

Madayn has also signed an agreement in this regard with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) with the aim of providing employment opportunities through training for employment, direct hiring, redeployment and on-the-job training.

Madayn is also taking into consideration signing agreements with experienced partners from inside and outside the Sultanate in the future, which shall ensure best results through enhancing the proficiency and efficiency of the Omani cadres in the industrial sector.

Madayn also formed a department specialised in Omanisation-related matters and for following up recent updates in various industrial cities that fall under the umbrella of Madayn.

The department has been established to train the cadres in the industrial cities and the free zone under Madayn, promote the basics and procedures of Omanisation within the industrial cities in cooperation with the related government bodies, develop training programmes in partnership with private sector bodies, raise Omanisation rates and make the best use of Omani competencies in the industrial sector.

The official also said, “the two workshops come within Madayn’s Oman Manufacturing Group (OMG) series of events for the year 2019, which aim at bringing together local manufacturers and various industries to network and discuss on the recent trends triggered in the industry and promote the development of the manufacturing sector in Oman.”

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