Entrepreneurs forum calls for self sufficiency in renewables

The 5th Arab Entrepreneurs Forum exhorted the participants to work for developing scientific temperament among the people to help them adopt renewable energy and prepare the Arab world to progress towards the twin goals of self sufficient renewable energy and sustainable development.
The forum, involving more than 20 national and international speakers and presenters, opened under the auspices of Shaikh Khalid bin Omar al Marhoon, Minister of Civil Service. Shaikh Ali bin Nasser al Mahrouqi, Secretary-General of Majlis Ash’shura, is the Honorary Chairman of the forum.
The forum is to continue for three days at Millennium Resort Salalah with its focus on ‘Investment and renewable energy’.
The experts drawn from finance and renewable sectors put emphasis on developing specialised Arab cadres both in investment and renewable energy sectors and called for creating a database for knowledge sharing.
The Omani participants called the event a right forum in line with the ‘Fourth industrial revolution’ that aspires to achieve the larger goals of renewable energy and sustainable development in all walks of life.
The forum is part of the Salalah Tourism Festival’s (STF) lecture series and academic discussions on development, investment and broad people’s participation, while the event organiser is Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises Development (Riyada).
Addressing the gathering Shzikh Ali al Mahrouqi exhorted the participants to maintain pace with the growth and acceleration of renewable energy by supporting the investment in the sector and benefit from the ongoing ‘Fourth industrial revolution’, which aspires for promotion and optimisation of renewable energy development.
“The Sultanate has potential to make serious and suitable environment for investment due to its geographical location overlooking the sea, corridors of great importance at the international and regional levels, and the availability of the necessary ports and land transport lines and close link with neighbouring and other countries of the world. All these elements are necessary for investment and economic diversification. Key to the market is a generation of career opportunities and an activation of human competency capabilities,” he said.
In her comments to the Observer, Amna al Awadi, General Supervisor of the forum, expressed happiness over the participants’ response and support from government machinery.
Halima al Zeraie, Deputy Chief Operating Officer of Riyada, emphasised the role of SMEs in the economic movement of all the countries.
The successful ones are having SMEs contribution of about 70 to 80 per cent in the GDP.
“SMEs help in providing multiple job opportunities for young people and achieving added value to the economy. It also helps in supporting innovation and creating atmosphere for modern technology.”
Training programmes and workshops have been lined up on the sidelines of the forum in which the entrepreneurs would have opportunity to learn ‘how to establish a successful business venture’ and share knowledge with successful entrepreneurs.

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